Looking Ahead to the 2023 Conference in San Antonio: Meeting with Agents

2 months ago

Maryka Biaggio, HNSNA Secretary and Literary Agent Liaison - As always, we’ll again feature a bevy of literary agents who…

How I Found My People at My First Historical Novel Society Conference

Carol M. Cram - I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to writing historical fiction. My debut…

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Finding the Real Story in Your Historical Novel

Guest Post by Sam Osherson - Writing teacher Bonnie Freidman has discussed the problem of writers being “transfixed” by their…

2 months ago

How to Get the Press Coverage Your Historical Novel Deserves

Guest Post by Rebecca Rosenberg - I’ve worked in publicity and advertising since I was twenty and am constantly looking…

2 months ago

Jazz, Flappers, and Prohibition: Researching the Roaring Twenties

Guest Post by Skye Alexander - Writing historical fiction requires doing a lot of research, which may sound tedious to…

2 months ago