Fact in Fiction: Bringing Long-Lost Worlds to Life

Almost every day on the Historical Novel Society Facebook page, someone asks, “How do you know when you’ve researched enough?” “What details should I include?” Or finally, “When is it allowable to stray from the facts?” We’re excited to answer these questions in our one-hour panel discussion, getting into the nitty gritty of what we do and how we do it: how we find our facts, how much we rely on the Internet, whether we travel to the places we write about, and how we determine which facts will remain on the cutting floor.

Onward Through the Past: Writing the long historical fiction series

Conventional wisdom says that writers looking for long-term success should write series, however those books will be published. Readers love to settle into a fictional world, whether historical or fantastic. And if you’re doing your job right, they become attached to your characters. They want to know more about them. They want to meet their children, their grandchildren, their aunts and their uncles. All right! You plan a great series and get it off the ground with the four-six books conventional wisdom says you need to find your audience. What then? ...