Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Historical Novel Society?

We are a literary society devoted to promoting the enjoyment of historical fiction. HNS is an international society that welcomes members (readers and writers) all across the globe. Through our print magazine, conferences, website, social media, and dynamic membership we help bring the excitement of these novels to the widest audience. Find out about joining us here.

When and where are conferences held?

A conference is held in the UK each September of even-numbered years. The North American conference is held in June of odd-numbered years. Conferences are open to all persons with an interest in historical fiction—writers, readers, and industry professionals. You do not have to be a member of HNS to attend a conference; however, membership provides a discount on conference registration.

What is the North American conference like?

The North American HNS conference is an action-packed weekend with engaging speakers on historical eras, historical research, the craft of writing, publishing, and more. Speakers include one or two guests of honor, usually top writers in the field of historical fiction, and dozens of program presenters who are experts in their field. Attendees enjoy meals and evening receptions together, getting the chance to network and socialize with other lovers of historical fiction. Opportunity is also provided to sign up for mentoring from experienced authors or to make pitches to agents who specialize in representing historical fiction.

How do I become a program presenter?

Anybody with an interest in historical fiction is welcome to submit a proposal when the Call for Proposals goes out (usually in the fall of the year prior to the conference); however most presenters have at least one HNS conference under their belts before they consider becoming a presenter at a future conference.

Program proposals are reviewed and selected by the Program Committee (a group of people led the Conference Board's Program Chair) to ensure quality and relevance to conference attendees. Please note that proposals for a panel presentation should include a full complement of panelists plus a designated moderator in order to be considered.

Are program presenters compensated?

Program presenters will receive a small honorarium/registration discount if their proposal is selected. Following confirmation that the proposal has been selected, presenters must register for the conference or their program slot will be canceled.

The North American Conference would love to be able to offer higher honoraria; however, in order to do that we would need to significantly raise the conference rates. We humbly thank each and every presenter for sharing their knowledge and experience with us and for making us better writers, editors, and researchers.

Will books be sold at the conference?

Yes, we are happy to provide a bookstore at the conference to carry copies of works by our speakers and attendees. Authors who wish to sell books should sign up to do so when they register for the conference. We will contract with a bookstore to secure copies of the author's books. The bookstore will provide authors with instructions on logistics as the conference approaches. Books may only be sold at the conference bookstore.

When can I register for the conference?

Registration for the 2025 conference will open on February 15, 2025.

Who do I contact if I need more information?

For additional information, please contact us.

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