Are you a published author who wishes to sell your titles in the Conference Bookstore?  You’ve come to the right place for information about including your title in the bookstore and participating in the optional Readers Festival.

The Readers Festival is a fun afternoon for conference attendees and the general public to visit our bookstore, and, best of all, have their books signed by YOU during a book signing.  If you wish to be a signing author, you will need to reserve a space on your registration form.

Here are answers to some common questions.

General Bookstore FAQ

Who is our bookseller?

Our local bookseller this year is The Twig, located in San Antonio’s Pearl District.  The Twig has been in existence since 1972 and is very experienced in author events.

When and where will the bookstore be open?

Friday and Saturday, June 9-10, 2023. The bookstore will be located in one section of the Pearl Ballroom, one level down from the main conference activities.

How many titles of mine can be included in the bookstore?

You may select up to three of your titles for inclusion in the bookstore.

Is there a cost to carrying my books in the bookstore?

There is no cost. It’s a benefit of in-person attendance at the conference.

I’m attending virtually. How do I get books into the bookstore?

The bookstore will only carry books for in-person attendees.

What is the deadline to sign up?

The deadline to apply to have your books in the bookstore is April 7, 2023. This gives the conference enough time to compile all author data for the bookstore and  gives the bookstore sufficient time to order and receive books. Sign up for both the bookstore and the book signing via the conference registration form.

Traditionally Published Author FAQs

I am traditionally published. How will sales of my books be handled?

Our easy-to-use registration form will enable you to list up to three currently available titles you would like to include in the bookstore. 

How do I let the bookstore know how many of each of my traditionally-published title(s) I want them to order?

Please note that the bookstore retains the right to determine how many copies of each title to be carried in the bookstore, based on their evaluation of sales history, local market trends, and other factors. The HNS conference will not make special requests for additional copies to be carried of individual titles. Titles must be available through typical distributors, such as Ingram or Penguin RandomHouse. If you wish to bring your own copies to the conference, select the “Self-Published” option on the form so that the bookstore does not order your books.

Self-Published (Consignment) Author FAQs

I am self-published (a.k.a. a consignment author). Can I sell books at the conference?

Yes, you can sell your self-published books in the conference bookstore by completing a consignment agreement with The Twig during registration.

What are the terms of the consignment agreement?

Go to the bottom of this FAQ list to see the terms and conditions of the bookstore consignment agreement.

How do I get my self-published books to the conference?

You may bring them with you or ship them to The Twig ahead of the conference, using this address:

Jeanne Bassetts

Events Coordinator

The Twig Book Shop

306 Pearl Parkway, Suite 106

San Antonio, TX 78215

In your return address, be sure to state “HNS/[Author Name]” above your address so that the bookstore knows the box of books is for our conference.

You may ship your books at any time, but books MUST ARRIVE NO LATER THAN May 31, 2023. After that date, the bookstore will not have enough time to process your books and prep them for transport to the hotel.

How many copies of my titles should I bring or ship?

If shipping books to The Twig ahead of the conference, you may ship ten (10) of your most current title and five (5) each of two other titles of your choice. We recommend these quantities if you are bringing the books as well.

What happens to any of my self-published titles that don’t sell during the signing?

Consignment authors are responsible for picking up any remainder copies at the conclusion of the Reader Festival on June 10th. The bookstore and the HNS conference will not ship leftover books nor take responsibility for donating them. The bookstore will not transport them back to their shop to hold for future sale.

If I don’t sign up to have books in the bookstore but change my mind after the April 7th deadline, can’t I just carry my books with me and drop them off at the conference bookstore?

Sorry, no, we cannot accommodate unregistered drop-offs. There is considerable space planning that goes into arranging books for sale during the conference; as a result, the bookstore will be unable to handle last-minute additions to the considerable list of authors.

How will I get paid for book sales as a consignment author?

The Twig will pay consignment authors 60% of the list price for the quantity of books sold. The author sets the price of the book. The Twig will pay out book sales within 30 days following the conclusion of the HNS Conference.

My books are only available as ebooks. Is there an option for me at the bookstore?

Unfortunately no, but there will be tables where you can leave bookmarks or postcards or other marketing materials for people to pick-up.

Readers Festival FAQ

When is the Readers Festival?

The Readers Festival and author book signing will occur the afternoon of Saturday, June 10, and will take place in the other two sections of the Pearl ballroom, which combined make a beautiful space with tall windows.

How will authors be arranged for the book signing at the Readers Festival?

The Readers Festival book signing will be arranged by historical time period to make it easier for readers to browse their favorites and to make authors more easily discoverable. On the registration form, you will be asked to check the box that best describes your time period or the time period where you wish to be located, even if you write in multiple eras.

Our time periods will include:

  • Alternate History/Time Travel/Fantasy-Steampunk
  • Pre-Historic
  • Ancient World/Biblical
  • Medieval/Viking
  • Renaissance/Tudor
  • Stuart Era/Georgian
  • Colonial/Revolutionary America
  • French Revolution/Regency/Napoleonic
  • Victorian
  • U.S. Civil War & Reconstruction
  • Gilded Age/Edwardian
  • World Wars I & II
  • Jazz Age/Great Depression
  • Cold-War/1960s
  • Unique Historical Settings


As an author at the Readers Festival, what should I bring?

This is your chance to interact with readers. Bring book displays, postcards, bookmarks, or whatever else you want.

Will it only be conference attendees patronizing the bookstore and Readers Festival?

Absolutely not! San Antonio has a population of 1.4 million people, and we intend to market within the local area in order to attract the local historical fiction reading public.

Can attendees to the Readers Festival bring their own books for signing?

Yes.  Attendees can bring their own books or make purchases from the bookstore.

What is the deadline to register to be a signing author at the Readers Festival?

The deadline to register as a signing author is April 7th. Please note that there is a limit of 120 authors for the Readers Festival, so register early!

I have another question that isn’t answered here. How can I get help?

Reach out to the HNS Conference Bookstore Coordinator, Kathy Scott-Mejia, at  She’ll be happy to help! 

The Twig Book Shop Policy and Receipt for Books on Consignment

(Updated 12/16/2022 for the HNS Conference)

I understand that The Twig Book Shop agrees to pay the owner 60% of the list price for the quantity of books sold. The author sets the price of the book.

I understand that at the conclusion of the HNS Reader Festival on June 10, 2023, it is the consignor’s responsibility to pick up any remaining copies from the on-site store. The Twig will not be responsible for returning books to the consignor, nor for any method of disposal/donation of the consignor’s books.

I understand that I will be paid my share of book sales within 30 days following the conclusion of the HNS Conference.

I understand that payment will be made via check sent to the name and address provided on this consignment agreement. I further understand that postal delivery time may add another week onto my receipt of payment.

I understand that The Twig will carry a total of three titles per author.

I understand that consigning authors are responsible to notify The Twig of any address or phone number change. Any checks returned by USPS to the store will result in The Twig no longer being responsible for payment for the author’s books.

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