Special Presenters

Isobel CarrIsobel Carr [Presenter, Friday evening “Hooch through History: Revolutions Around the World” spirit-ual tastings flight] is a bestselling author of historical romance and has presented historical clothing and food workshops at conferences and colloquiums all around the world. Her 40-plus years as a historical re-enactor have concentrated her research on recreating clothing and food as closely as possible. Sometimes this means brewing her own ale, finding a source for isinglass, figuring out what eighteenth century gin really tasted like, or hunting down a sixteenth century waffle iron (all of which is worth it when it comes time to sit down at the table). To find out more about Isobel and her books, visit www.isobelcarr.com.

bruceinkilt2Bruce Herbold [Co-presenter, Readers Festival “Dance with Men in Kilts”] began Scottish Country Dancing in 1976 in Berkeley and has pursued it avidly ever since. He began teaching SCD in 1981. In both dancing and teaching, he emphasizes the social aspects of Scottish Country Dance, especially the joys of teamwork and social interaction.  He has co-taught a teacher training class and has taught at workshops in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Cleveland; and California–where he currently teaches regular Monday and Thursday night classes. The music, sociability, ingenuity, and fun of Scottish social dance continually inspires him.