Submission Guidelines

Content Ideas

Share your articles about the craft of writing historical fiction, including research tips, plotting techniques, character development, time periods, setting descriptions, etc.

What do you want to share that will help other writers?

We’re also interested in hearing about your experience at an HNS conference (Why did you go? What did you learn? How were you inspired?).

Do you have historical fiction-related ideas that you think will interest our readers, but you’re not sure they are what we’re looking for? Email Carol at and ask!


Articles must be between 500 and 1000 words. You may include links to relevant novels in a short bio at the end of the article and include a picture of yourself and up to two images appropriate to your subject. Please do not submit descriptions and plot summaries of specific novels.

All submissions that are accepted for inclusion in the Historical Fiction Update and on the HNSNA Conference Website must be publication-ready and will be lightly copy edited.

Deadline for Submissions

Please send your submission to Carol Cram at by January 15, 2022.
We’re excited to read what you have to say!