Attention authors! We are excited for our new virtual bookstore at HNS2021. Three key points about this year’s process:

  1. This year, our authors’ books will be carried inside our online store, with a direct link from our website and within Eventmobi, our conference app. Our retailer will be
  2. Each author may list two books for free in the bookstore, and up to three additional titles for $5 each, for a total of five books.
  3. Because the bookstore is virtual, we no longer have the issue of title availability through a brick-and-mortar bookstore. So, although we won’t have an in-person signing with the general public for 2021, it is also much easier to list any book you want in the bookstore.
  4. The bookstore is available to all authors – both self-published and traditionally published.

 What are the benefits of having my books available in the conference’s virtual bookstore?

Imagine several hundred of your histfic peeps browsing through the list of awesome books available at the tap of a button.  Yours should be there, too!

It is really easy to include your book(s).  Look for the “Optional for Authors: Book Sales” section of the registration form and enter your titles/Amazon links.  We will take it from there.

Not only is it a simple and fabulous way to sell books, but to promote yourself, as well.  Consider supplementing your book listing with a virtual exhibit booth in Eventmobi, our new conference app.

Conference tip: consider listing your most current titles in the bookstore, as readers will tend to be most interested in seeing what you’ve written lately.  They can always perform a search for more of your backlist.

Is the traditional book signing gone forever?

Nope!  We will be back bigger and better than ever when we meet in San Antonio in 2023.

I want to be able to sell personalized copies.  Can I have a link to my own personal selling site instead of making books available on Amazon? 

Sorry, but we want to give attendees a one-stop shopping experience; thus all sales will be through our consolidated bookseller.

Why are you using Amazon instead of a local retailer?  We should be supporting a small bookstore that has undoubtedly suffered during the pandemic.

We couldn’t agree more about supporting all of the wonderful brick-and-mortar bookstores out there.  However, due to the virtual nature of this year’s conference, we wanted our worldwide attendees to be able to obtain books as easily as all of our authors could list them.  Therefore, for this year, we have chosen Amazon as our vendor.

OK, I want to include my books in the HNS conference online bookstore.  What do I do next?

On your conference registration form is an area called “Optional for Authors: Book Sales.” In this area you will enter your titles and Amazon book links.  From there, the conference will ensure your titles are listed prior to the start of the conference.

We anticipate beginning to establish book links within two weeks after the bookstore signup period ends (May 15, 2021).  All books will be listed prior to conference start and will remain in the conference bookstore for at least 60 days following the conclusion of the 2021 HNS Conference.

I have a book coming out prior to the conference but after the bookstore deadline of May 15, so I do not yet have an Amazon link.  Should I wait to register?

No, please go ahead and register to ensure you get a place in events and sessions that are important to you.  Be sure to set up an account at the end of your registration.  By doing so, you will be able to go back in later and modify your registration to add your book.

I have a question about book sales that is not answered above.  Whom can I contact?

Send an e-mail to the HNS venue chair, Christine Trent, at

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