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Conference Sessions

Here is a handy list of included sessions. View the full descriptions and links to presenter bios in the conference program.

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GENERAL SESSIONS (recorded in-person)

  • Six Key Decisions in Crafting Dual/Multiple Timeline Novels with Tori Whitaker, Denny S. Bryce, Kimberly Brock
  • Salty Sources for Seafaring Settings: Researching your Pirate Novel (or Any Story Set at Sea or Along the Coast) with Mary Malloy
  • Page-Turning Secrets of the Pros with James Scott Bell
  • Reading Your Work Before an Audience with Joyce Wagner
  • Storytelling in the Digital Age: Getting Your Book into Audio with Traci Odom, Raquel Beattie, Gregory Salinas, Shamaan Casey
  • Writing Desire: Sex and the Historical Woman with Julie Gerstenblatt, Laurie Lico Albanese, Heather Webb
  • World War II Fiction: The Lesser-Trod Corners and Characters with Maryka Biaggio, Suzanne Parry
  • COLD READS with Danielle Egan-Miller, Amelia Hester, and Reader Brook Allen
  • Storytelling in the 21st Century with Libbie Grant
  • Writing About Medieval or Renaissance Europe? Where Have All the Muslims Gone? Exploring Resources That Will Help You Depict These Critical Eras in a Less Euro-Centric Light with Karima Alavi
  • Navigating the World of Copyright with Emily Lanza
  • Supercharge Your Author Event! – The Power of Teaming Up with Amanda Skenandore, Connie Hertzberg Mayo
  • When Did That Happen? Navigating Your Novel Through the Sea of Time with Sophfronia Scott
  • Reaching Readers Directly: What’s Working Now to Engage Readers of Historical Fiction with Laura Morelli, Crystal King
  • Just the Facts, Ma’am: What to Do When the Facts are Poorly Known with G.M. Baker, Addison Armstrong, Judith Starkston; Moderator: Mary (M.K.) Tod
  • Layer Cake Method of Revising Your Novel with Robin Henry
  • Fact, Fiction, and Faith: Where Folklore, Culture, Religion, and History Intersect with Nicole Evelina, Elizabeth Bell, Susan McDuffie
  • Historical Fiction Revolving Around Real-Life Crimes with Nancy Bilyeau, Mariah Fredericks, Karen Odden, Weina Dai Randel
  • Getting Historical Language Right—But Not Too Right with Annette Lyon
  • Marketing Historical Fiction. Tell Me a Story: Defining Your Brand and Reaching Your Readers with Joy Callaway, Adele Myers
  • Toil and Trouble: The Witch in Historical Fiction with Alyssa Palombo, Paulette Kennedy, Constance Sayers
  • Beyond Gatsby: Researching and Writing New Perspectives in the Jazz Age with Denny S. Bryce, Tori Whitaker, Liza Nash Taylor, Maryka Biaggio
  • Podcasting & You: Why and How to Start a Literary Podcast with Carol M. Cram, Diana Giovinazzo
  • Weaving Fact & Fiction with Madeline Martin, Elise Hooper, Noelle Salazar
  • State of the State: Publishing in All Its Forms with Amy Durant, Shannon Hassan, Marcy Posner, Mitchell Waters
  • The Dual Timeline Novel: Artifacts as Inspiration with Meredith Jaeger
  • Are You For REEL? – How Authors Can Use Visuals & Reels to Spice Up Their Social Streams and Newsletters with Eliza Knight, Vanessa Riley, Madeline Martin
  • Potions, Pills, and Poppies: How to Ease Your Character’s Pain or Put Them Out of Their Misery with Georgie Blalock
  • How to Write Dazzling Dialogue with James Scott Bell
  • Who Are You: A Historian Writing Fiction or a Historical Fiction Author? With Margaret George, Jamie Ford, Lisa Wingate, Alan Winter; Moderator: Mary (M.K.) Tod
  • Putting the Arts at the Heart of Historical Fiction with Laura Morelli, Carol M. Cram
  • Make Sure Your Website Wins Readers and Sells Books with Tema Frank
  • Feasting on History: Using the Power of Food to Enhance Your Fiction with Crystal King
  • Everything Old is New Again: Retellings of Classic Tales in Historical Fiction with Kris Waldherr, Alyssa Palombo, Molly Greeley, Heather Webb
  • Women in Conflict with Marianne Monson
  • It’s About Time: Plotting Out Historical Events Using the Sun, Moon, and Stars, Plus Some Help from Aeon Timeline with Shawntelle Madison, Jeannie Lin
  • Writing Real History in a Fictional Narrative: When and When Not to Create Fictional Characters for Your Historical Novel with Robin Henry, Patricia Bernstein, Alina Adams, E. M. Deemyad; Moderator: Colin Mustful
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody: Nineteenth-Century Crime Scenes and their Forensic Evidence with Kerry Cathers
  • Creating a Compelling Protagonist Who Will Take Your Story from Good to Great with Alana White, Patricia Hudson
  • Libel, Slander, Defamation of Character & the Right to Privacy with Rod Sullivan
  • Writing About Wars in a Time of War with Nancy Bilyeau, Michael Cooper, Griff Hosker; Moderator: Annamaria Alfieri
  • COLD READS with Mitchell Waters, Cate Hart, and Reader Joyce Wagner
  • Brother, Can You Spare A Dime Novel? The Nostalgic Allure of the Great Depression with Glen Craney, Bonnie Blaylock, Elise Hooper, Kristina Makansi
  • Planes, Train, and Laptops: Researching Your Novel from Home and Away with Alison Pittman
  • When One Name Isn’t Enough: The Logistics of Multiple Pen Names in Historical Fiction with Eliza Knight, Libbie Grant, Sophie Perinot, Kris Waldherr

SPECIAL GUEST REMARKS (recorded in-person)

  • Libbie Grant
  • James Scott Bell
  • Jamie Ford
  • Lisa Wingate

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHTS (recorded virtually)

  • In Conversation with Vanessa Riley
  • In Conversation with Weina dai Randal
  • In Conversation with Susan Meissner

FEATURED SESSIONS (recorded virtually)

  • From Deadline to Timeline: What News Reporting Can Teach Historical Fiction with Glen Craney, Nancy Bilyeau, John Jeter, DeAnn Smith Stead
  • ChatGPT: Demon or Darling? with Sarah Johnson, Katie Aiken Ritter, Noah Putnam; Moderator: Jonathan Putnam
  • COLD READS with Melissa Danaczko, Harriette Sackler, and Reader Margaret Porter
  • Food Pathways and How They Impacted History with Amanda Herbert
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