Using Art to Inspire Story

Have you ever strolled through a museum and found yourself drawn to a painting or a sculpture? What attracted you? The beauty? The drama? Perhaps the serenity? Look closer. Ask questions. Suddenly, you may find the inspiration you’re looking for to fuel the plot, character, theme or setting for your novel....

Demystifying BookBub: Sneak Preview from Stephanie Barko

If you've always wanted to do something with BookBub but didn't know where to start, this hour is for YOU. You really can become a bestseller on BookBub. You just need to know how to pitch an offer that appeals to their staff. In this one-hour presentation, I will show you how to get BookBub interested in featuring a single eBook from your body of work. After I give you the inside scoop on what staffers are looking for, you'll have an opportunity to query me and a historical novelist whose series debut became a bestseller from a BookBub campaign.

Creating Characters Who Belong Where You Put Them

Women through history have been more passive than active. True, or false? That’s certainly the conventional wisdom that allowed men to scrub most of our female ancestors from the history books. Yet writers of historical fiction know better. In truth, women have done far more of the heavy lifting in every era than they’re given credit for. They served as wartime spies and saboteurs. They ruled empires. They explored new territories as pioneers. They changed the course of civilization, even as they risked their lives to give birth and protect their children--often from the men who fathered them. The challenge for historical novelists is to honor this truth about women’s agency while simultaneously acknowledging the conventions of each era--including those patriarchal structures and societal mores that have too often kept women from achieving all that they might have.